Aircraft Refuelling

We’re committed to safe fuelling

VFP is Southern Africa's leading supplier of Aircraft Refuelling Equipment representing the world's top brands.

We have an extensive range of aircraft refuelling products to suit every form of aircraft refuelling installation, from minor airfields all the way up to major international airports throughout Africa and South African military air force bases.


Parker Velcon Filters - World Leaders in Aviation Fuels Filtration

Filter Water Separator Vessels
Micro Filter Vessels
Water Monitor Vessels
Coalescer / Separator Cartridges (EI-1581 5th Ed)
Micronic Cartridges (EI-1590 3rd Ed)
Monitor Cartridges (EI-1583 6th Ed)
Small Filter Housings
VCA Contaminant Analyser
Fuel Test Kits ( Hydrokit ® )

Cavotec Dabico - Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Fuel Hydrant Pit Boxes
Commercial Fuel Hydrant
DAB 24 Fuel Hydrant Pit
DAB 22 Fuel Hydrant Pit
High Point Vent Assembly
Low Point Drain Assembly
Vault Access Covers

Elaflex - Leading manufacturer of Aviation Fuel Hoses & Overwing Nozzles

Aviation Fuel Hose
Aviation Hose Couplings
Overwing Nozzles

Gammon Technical Products - Specialists in Fuel Quality Control

Differential Pressure Gauges
Fuel Sampling Equipment
Fuel Quality Control Components
Quick Disconnects
Deadman Controls
Dosing Systems

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